Hypnosis Can Help You Develop a Healthy Lifestyle


Stress is the body’s reaction to danger, a helpful rush of adrenaline to escape a threat. But most of the dangers we face, like job pressure or a threatened relationship, need a calm, clear mind, not a racing heart. Constantly experiencing that stress rush can physically wear down the body. We use hypnosis to help you explore the underlying reasons for your stress and reframe the stress-inducing behavior patterns that are under your control. We employ techniques to assist you in reducing or eliminating stress while promoting relaxation. We also teach techniques outside of hypnosis which allow you to better cope with stressful situations as they arise.

Weight Release:

At Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions, we don’t talk about diets.  Most people know what they should eat and what they should do to reach their goal weight.  But despite their best conscious efforts, something stops them from doing the things that will help them lose weight. We examine those obstacles and help you find the motivation and inner resources to overcome them.  We don’t use a cookie cutter approach.  Weight loss is handled differently for each client because each client is unique.


At one time or another, almost everyone enjoyed a natural, healthy sleep pattern. But our natural patterns sometimes get lost as our lifestyles change. We work with you to help you rediscover your natural pattern while working on the issues that might have led to insomnia. Our process helps includes helping you to eliminate poor nighttime habits which often interfere with the ability to experience a restful night's sleep.


Many professional athletes recognize the mind body connection that hypnosis provides, helping them increase focus and execute their skills more successfully. We help enhance athletic performance through strong focus on the areas that need improvement, creating a sense of success in execution, visualizing increased stamina and coordination and putting the competitive spirit in perspective.