Hypnosis Can Help You Change Habits


Many people try to quit smoking repeatedly without lasting success. That’s because smoking isn’t just about nicotine addiction. At Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions we have a three step process for permanent behavior modification to enable you to become smoke free.  We begin with a session in which we examine your smoking patterns, establish a quit date and use hypnosis to help you begin to see yourself as a non-smoker.  We’ll meet for two more sessions, the last of which is the actual stop smoking session.  At the end of the third session we provide you with a CD to listen to as many times as necessary to support you in your new lifestyle. This is a serious program for people who are ready to commit to stop smoking.

Study Habits:

Some of the obstacles that block students from achieving their academic goals include boredom, aversion to the topic or fear. We use hypnosis to help you improve your focus and concentration, enhance memory, instill positive attitudes toward learning and incorporate rewards into your study habits.  We also teach techniques to help you learn to calm yourself before tests so that you can focus and stop the fight or flight reaction.

Overcome Procrastination:

Procrastination usually results when you set such large goals that they overwhelm you. We help rethink your goal setting process and break goals down into small manageable steps, then tie those goals to overall life goals. If you need help to get in action, hypnosis will help you!