"I came to Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions to ease anxiety. Each session with Pam has addressed my concerns on a deep, transformative level. On the day of a session, I experience wonderful relaxation. This peace extends into my everyday life. After working with Pam regularly, I now sleep better and approach life more calmly. The hypnotherapy also helped me complete my thesis with ease and confidence. Along with this peace, I especially appreciate the affirmations Pam provides during sessions. These positive statements have become part of my daily life. Pam wonderfully combines expertise with compassion. Her practice offers powerful solutions for particular concerns and inner growth.

- Naya J.

"Pam has such a gift for hypnotherapy! She has helped me with issues such as self-esteem, motivation to exercise and getting the support I need by communicating with authority and ease. What I really love about her is her calming voice and gentle presence, I feel so relaxed when I leave. She has fine-tuned each of my sessions so that the affirmations really fit me, they resonate deeply in my mind and are easy to use."

- Charlotte D.

"Pam helped me overcome my fear of swimming in open water. I was afraid to place my face in the water but wanted to complete a triathlon. After 3 sessions I was able to relax and enter the water without anxiety or fear. I completed my first triathlon--no problem!! Thanks Pam for your help!"

- T.W.

"I started childbirth hypnosis sessions with Pam in my 28th week of pregnancy. It was my first pregnancy so I was anxious about the delivery. I was planning a home birth with no pain relieving drugs. I also had a tremendous amount of stress during my pregnancy. My weekly sessions with Pam were amazing! I was able to relax and let all my fears and stress melt away. The best part about it was that she was helping me learn how to use the power of my own mind to accomplish this. Pam’s sweet personality and gentle voice provide the ideal components for comfort and relaxation. I am thrilled to report that my birth went exactly as planned. My sessions with Pam gave me the confidence and courage to face the challenges of natural childbirth. I will be forever grateful to Pam for her help and support."

- Lacy T. and Baby Jonah

"I began to see Pam to help me with the mental training, focus, and visualization for a marathon. I was very skeptical and more than a little nervous, but she quickly put me at ease. She dedicated a lot of time to asking specific questions about my goals and general questions about racing marathons. Then she restated my goals to clarify them and to put them in a positive light. She did an incredible job of helping me with the mental aspect of my training and taught me techniques to use on my own. After realizing how much she helped me run my marathon, I consulted Pam for help with time management. Not only did she do an astonishing job of helping me to use my time wisely, she also helped me understand why I was having trouble in this area. Pam listens intently when you are talking about your goals. She has a way of stating every goal, problem, or issue in a totally positive manner. Statements I used to make that did not sound negative to me were rephrased to only represent the positive. For example, I said my mind is cluttered. She rephrased this as, 'You want clarity of mind.' This is an area that flows over to all areas of my life now. A bonus (and my favorite part of going to see Pam) is the incredible feeling of relaxation that I have at the end of every session."

- Barb E.

"I just had my first session with Pam to address an unwanted habit. Pam is great, very professional and supportive. I recommend her 100%!"

- Susan K.

"I worked with Pam to overcome my fear of public speaking, and she has helped me tremendously. Before I worked with Pam, I had trouble finishing a speech and would get so nervous I had a hard time even talking. I now feel much more confident when I speak in front of groups and don’t get nervous. I can finish my speech and I feel at ease. I highly recommend Pam's services!"

- Sherri L.

"I suffered from upper back pain and poor posture since I was a small child. Pam used a Body-Mind technique with me and created powerful affirmations for me which I now use daily. I no longer have to make a conscious effort during the day to watch my posture and I am almost completely pain free. I even enjoy doing my upper back exercises now. I would definitely recommend Pam to anyone with a problem or goal they would like to achieve!"

- Kathy O.

"I suffered from night terrors for years. I would wake up in a panic, feeling vulnerable and confused. I tried many ways of dealing with this problem through the years, but nothing worked until I had a session with Pam. In one session she put an end to all of my sleep problems. I now sleep peacefully each night and I feel great! Thanks, Pam!"

- Shelley B.

"I never remember a time when I haven’t struggled with my weight. I realized that I am not only fighting the weight, but a mindset that has told me since I was little that I would always be the fat girl. With Pam’s help, I am achieving my goal of losing the weight and changing my mindset to see myself as a sexy 36 year old woman. Since beginning with Pam, I have lost 2 sizes. Hypnotherapy is helping me control my portions, feeling full after eating, helping me to be dedicated to exercising consistently, and finally feeling worthy to look and feel great! I totally recommend adding hypnotherapy to your weight loss regimen if, like me, you have always thought of yourself as the 'Fat' person. Watch out world…..I will soon be a sexy size 10 and will be unstoppable in everything I do!"

- Connie T.

"Pam played a vital link in completing my healing circle with her therapy that's helping me stay focused on the "positive"—essential to healing.  I now feel empowered, thanks to Pam, to take on the next chemo session coming up next Wednesday.  As a nurse, I hope I have been as powerful in touching my patients as Pam has been for me!!"

- Marilyn N.

"Thanks to Pam’s help, my daughter had a very successful weekend with her tumbling.  She is now performing all of her skills without hesitation or experiencing a mental block.  She began working on an advanced tumbling pass during practice on Sunday and says that she feels like she can take on anything and does not experience “the fear” anymore.  She is using the deep breathing technique which she says especially helps her as she enters the gym for practice.  I appreciate all of Pam’s assistance.  My daughter is a much happier child."

- K.A.

"I worked with Pam to overcome a severe needle phobia.  And today I went to the dentist and had a shot.  I chose to have the shot!  Afterward I even asked to see the needle and I have never looked by choice at a needle.  I’m proud!  I appreciate the time Pam spent with me.  I feel very empowered!  Life is too short (and great) to live with such burdens when they aren't necessary."

- D.G.

"I sit here with tears of joy as I received a unanimous vote for a job offer from my first choice of employers. I just want to say thanks to Pam with all my heart. A year ago I was miserable and uncertain about my future. I can't thank Pam enough for helping me get past some of the most difficult times of my life. She truly had a transformational impact on my life and I will forever be grateful."

- Danielle D.

"I came to Pam for help with my fear of flying and for help with anxiety in general.  I cannot tell you how much working with Pam had absolutely changed my life.  I would say that about 95% of my anxiety is gone and I feel like a completely new person.  I love to fly again!  I completely have a new lease on life and I owe it to Pam.  She is amazingly talented and truly has a gift for what she does."

- Kristen L.

"I went to Pam for test anxiety. When I would take a test, I knew that I understood the information asked during the test, but my anxiety would take over my ability to concentrate. Therefore, I would fail. After my first session with Pam, I noticed improvements immediately. I started to "let go" and relax my mind. When it was time for me to take the test again, I finally passed! I am truly grateful to have met Pam. Hypnotherapy works!"

- Liz S.

"Pam has helped me out tremendously over the past several months and assisted me in conquering my issues pertaining to self-confidence and anxiety. I would recommend Pam’s services with no hesitation to anyone that may be struggling or just looking for assistance in handling his or her life issues."

- S.N.

"I wanted to let you know I've thought of you often over the past few weeks and am very grateful for the work you did with me. I had my trip over the holidays and the travel was easy! What a difference to fly with such little anxiety. I am sincerely thankful to you."

- T.S.