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Articles and Videos  Your Cancer Today™, Reducing Pain via Hypnosis, December 2007

Reducing Pain via Hypnosis

NBC Today Show News Report, Pain in America, October 2007

Today Show News Video

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, "Prescription: Hypnosis" October 2007

Prescription: Hypnosis

ABC News Report, Hypnosis Helps in Cancer Surgery, August 2007

ABC News Video

Mayo Clinic Newsletter, Hypnotism Gaining a Legitimate Role in Healthcare Treatments, April 2007

Hypnotism Gaining Legitimate Role

PBS Special, The New Medicine, April 2006

The New Medicine Video

Time, "Mind over Medicine", March 2006

Mind Over Medicine

Prevention, "The Healing Power of Hypnosis" February, 2006

 The Healing Power of Hypnosis

Yale University School of Medicine, "Hypnosis Reduces Preoperative Surgical Anxiety" December 2005

Hypnosis Reduces Preoperative Surgical Anxiety

Newsweek, "Altered States" October, 2004

Altered States

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