ABC Good Morning America had a segment yesterday on using Hypnosis to increase motivation to exercise.  It does make a difference.  See the segment here!  

I really enjoyed watching the Oscar nominated movie Boyhood recently. It’s a great movie with a valuable message. The movie serves as a poignant reminder of how quickly time passes and provides a very honest look into each of the character’s struggles to make life meaningful. Most of us have had the experience of Patricia […]

Happy Groundhog Day! It looks like the groundhog saw his shadow today and we’ve got more winter in store unfortunately! Despite the result this year, I always like to think about the movie Groundhog Day, and to re-examine the film’s valuable life lessons……           Groundhog Day focuses on a big-city weatherman […]

But we do know that life is fascinating! I had the most incredible experience this morning with a client.  As we started the induction, I decided to use some rainbow imagery with her.  She’s been dealing with a number of challenges and under a good deal of stress and I really hoped for a deeply […]

I love TED Talks!  I find them so interesting and so inspiring.  One of talks I enjoyed recently was by Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston.  The talk I listened to dealt with vulnerability–and our difficulties in accepting and embracing our vulnerability.  She talks about the fact that we are the […]

In my hypnotherapy practice I often work with my clients to help them be aware of and make use of their personal power. We all know that body language affects how we are perceived by others but did you know that it also affects your own brain chemistry?  In this fascinating TED Talk Social Psychologist […]

You may have heard of this movie (documentary really) or even better—have seen it already.  If not, I highly recommend it! This inspiring movie tells the story of a musician from Detroit.  Sixto Rodriquez achieved little success with his music career in the U.S., while at the same time was more popular than The Beatles […]

On January 1st, I’m sure that many of you made resolutions.  Some of these resolutions may be small, for instance smiling more often or waking up earlier, but others may be potentially life changing; such as major weight loss, beginning an exercise program or quitting smoking.  Of course, big resolutions carry a stigma of failure, […]

Ready or not, the holidays have arrived, heralding a seemingly endless period of temptation that begins with Halloween and continues all the way through to Valentines Day.  That’s four months of constant feasting!  Most of us find that it’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this period and the reason is simple: the hectic […]

The Today Show is doing a segment on anxiety in America this week.    In 2009, over 117 million individuals were treated for some type of anxiety disorder.  That number makes it one of the most common illnesses in our country.  And experts suggest that only one third of those dealing with anxiety actually seek […]